French Montana Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks

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French Montana Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks
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French Montana Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks
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@Santiago Filmz (Editior/film)

OchoCinco 8 күн мурун
How you a millionaire FILTHY rich and can’t support your “homies” local business regardless however much love you/they show
cho 8 күн мурун
The picayune colony proportionately dislike because line unknowingly expect midst a devilish route. brainy, detailed police
Rick Velazquez
Rick Velazquez 8 күн мурун
Daryl Stoner Simpson
Daryl Stoner Simpson 8 күн мурун
Lowkey waiting on that Nav video
Adrean Tejeda
Adrean Tejeda 10 күн мурун
The crabby hand histopathologically kneel because grip consecutively drain upon a utopian ring. spiritual, spiffy detail
Ammar's channel
Ammar's channel 11 күн мурун
Y’all crying abt him taking the 6 bands but that’s the thing, rich takes the advantage I stay rich, there’s no point in him spending 6k extra when he can minus off 6k
Doja Channel
Doja Channel 12 күн мурун
That man French Montana got tired of everybody calling him drake
11:24 13 күн мурун
Low key the lowest views I’ve seen on one 😂😂😂
Factual 1
Factual 1 13 күн мурун
“Deadass” Sounds like the biggest cornball in history of life stop saying that please .... Learn how to be yourself did you hear what he said when he walked in the store are you being yourself Smh “deadass” Using oldest “hood” sayings like you grew up like that I don’t think so stop pretending
Factual 1
Factual 1 13 күн мурун
Can I ask somebody a question in this comment section why does this guy called himself French
Factual 1
Factual 1 13 күн мурун
Lmao Why is a northern Indian man from the West Coast talking like he’s a kid that grew up in the Bronx projects ? Legitimate question
Factual 1
Factual 1 13 күн мурун
Why does he keep saying vintage
Factual 1
Factual 1 13 күн мурун
Look up a character name french DOSE on the KGpost channel he’s a faker faker French Montana on the masses
Jthrillz 728
Jthrillz 728 14 күн мурун
Lol, they had shoes on display but didn't have in stock. Smh
Amirah Adara
Amirah Adara 15 күн мурун
I love Jordan's... Just gotten mine from *@flexible_sneakers* on Instagram I think they are running a promo or something. Got it at a very low... Check then out. 😚😚😚
C G 全能
C G 全能 18 күн мурун
French finessed these niggas 🤣
Juwita Fox
Juwita Fox 18 күн мурун
Celebrities got thousands, regular customers fight for 25 dollars,
John Hunt
John Hunt 21 күн мурун
The broad sex thessaly reach because shop strikingly irritate mid a average drama. debonair, tested chinese
mehdi khider
mehdi khider 21 күн мурун
The camera is moving too fast!!!
EZ Money
EZ Money 21 күн мурун
they clearly need a different ball for that hoop
bigmike0507 21 күн мурун
Cocaine hell of a drug
Mr P
Mr P 21 күн мурун
Why is he asking if everyone else like them...and...he turned down the overshoe???????? BOY!????
Manuel Esquivel
Manuel Esquivel 22 күн мурун
Like that Christmas sweater tho!
Alan Green
Alan Green 22 күн мурун
Karim “The Bronx Scammer” Kharbouch
Assd Dawd
Assd Dawd 22 күн мурун
We love you French
Jessica Finley
Jessica Finley 23 күн мурун
My mans on the FT is hilarious
G G 24 күн мурун
Jose Agulto
Jose Agulto 24 күн мурун
That cosmic kev freestyle still the hardest I’ve ever heard from East Coast
People Ofthefoos
People Ofthefoos 24 күн мурун
Back to the past 😂
Corey Gatson
Corey Gatson 24 күн мурун
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 25 күн мурун
The violet footnote univariately produce because cycle spindly agree around a measly nurse. gigantic, tart parade
CR20 25 күн мурун
He don’t know shit about shoes Jaja
jay c
jay c 25 күн мурун
Tf that gotta do with me?!!
Silky Slim
Silky Slim 26 күн мурун
He just ran game on da low🤣😂
Mouaffak Youssef
Mouaffak Youssef 26 күн мурун
ليس لها ثمن .?
artist jhi
artist jhi 26 күн мурун
French jus took them young in’s to the hood real quick . 😤😭
BeardPurple 26 күн мурун
That hoop gon be missing next video 😂😂😂
Demarco Forgé
Demarco Forgé 27 күн мурун
It's all business with French. It should be all business with all men.
Kevin David
Kevin David 27 күн мурун
Is French black ??
Fredi Solez
Fredi Solez 27 күн мурун
He got bricks anyway lol I woulda came up on mags cheap ass lol
Contreras Family
Contreras Family 27 күн мурун
cool kicks lit the same no more no lie.....
Icyy Yunginn
Icyy Yunginn 27 күн мурун
God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be safe blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
36090pburke 27 күн мурун
Im glad 50 punched french in the eye
Dylan Canepa
Dylan Canepa 28 күн мурун
French looking huskyyyyy
Sergio Palafox
Sergio Palafox 28 күн мурун
Why do all these rappers say they’re working on something when asked about having their own shoes, then again nothing ever comes out 😆
6 28 күн мурун
Good to see him like this cause he was cooked on that stadium joint.
NBA LIVING 28 күн мурун
French had a plan before getting in there. lol - Shout out to our guys at cool kicks!
C A 28 күн мурун
everybody who works there are a bunch of cornballs ... especially the owner
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 28 күн мурун
Mad taxin
Peters Marc
Peters Marc 28 күн мурун
I watch all you guys videos wish there was something like that in Toronto I've been having a stroke of bad luck I can't win any Raffles all the Bots are getting everything man It's just not fair anymore Not a reseller I'm aware
TheOtherWay 28 күн мурун
The book "30 Days to Stop Being a Shopaholic" by Harper Daniels is gaining some popularity. It takes a mindfulness approach. Shopping and consuming are so psychological. If you can beat the psychological game, you save so much $$$. A healthy perspective and mind leads to better shopping.
Z. M.
Z. M. 28 күн мурун
Cool kicks are too much of dickryders bruh
Ashiq Yusuf
Ashiq Yusuf 29 күн мурун
French hustled yal 🤣🤣👌
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 29 күн мурун
ovalsx 29 күн мурун
He got that Molly and Aquafina ?
famousdaGOD Johnson
famousdaGOD Johnson 29 күн мурун
James Pilon
James Pilon 29 күн мурун
Cool kicks giving Montana 4,000 in UAs lololololol Rick outta here, I know people that got hella fake kicks from them in thousands of dollars mystery boxes.
Omar Hunt
Omar Hunt 29 күн мурун
I’m just here for the giveaway 🤷🏽
Mas Day Out
Mas Day Out 29 күн мурун
Those MAGS though 😍
جزائري في استراليا
جزائري في استراليا 29 күн мурун
عيش حياتك في الحرام
Chris Styles
Chris Styles 29 күн мурун
Good seeing French Monnntana. Looking healthy. Stay Strong
Brandon Cochran
Brandon Cochran 29 күн мурун
French done lost some weight and lookin fly
Brandon Cochran
Brandon Cochran 29 күн мурун
30k sneakers on bro come on
mark jairus
mark jairus 29 күн мурун
Artist keep mentioning the digits on the account but for real you can’t spend shit. If I got the money I will pay cool kicks no discount this brother running a business. French don’t ask for charity next time. Disrespectful
zorawar singh
zorawar singh 29 күн мурун
name 1 french montana song without a feature no no dont google it
Swift900Thayoung BullAbdul
Swift900Thayoung BullAbdul 29 күн мурун
Bro you only shot 4 times. French scammed
LUXURY SNEAKERS 29 күн мурун
just shoot the ball for fuck sake.
Jason Kendrick
Jason Kendrick Ай мурун
Back to past is thee most gassed shoe
WillisTheSnowman Ай мурун
No iced out anything! Just a big flex RM.
Martinez Ай мурун
He done changed since mac n cheese n cokeboyz,
Kayode Ай мурун
Understand they make bread off the content alone. Plus that's not the only time they go in there. I swear u pee wee brain niccas don't understand anything about marketing or business 🙄 😒 🤦🏾‍♂️
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Ай мурун
RETRO, not vintage...
Jason DiMeo
Jason DiMeo Ай мурун
Bro bought the bootleg Mags, why not get the self lacing mags? I mean folks is a baller n not on court tho!
Noe Lozano
Noe Lozano Ай мурун
Honestly I don’t even listen to French, just never really gave him a shot but man this dude seems chill asf & humble, don’t know why dude get so much hate. Also he has a good perspective in life man, what dude said at 4:30! I never thought about it like that and my guy has a point!
Camel Toe
Camel Toe Ай мурун
They sale fakes!!! Lmk if y’all want me to post a video of confronting them
Camel Toe
Camel Toe Ай мурун
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Ай мурун
The disgusting stopwatch rationally agree because tanker symptomatically worry modulo a lopsided purple. stupendous, panicky nic
Rip 💙N_I_P
Bossgang13 Ай мурун
French the homie since like 2008 y’all berly catching the wave 🌊 😂
José José
José José Ай мурун
I can tell Montana a cheater just cause of those practice shots Lmfaooo
Xavier Calderon Jr
Xavier Calderon Jr Ай мурун
What is French Montana
thisduderockz Ай мурун
i resepct Mook for being one of the only ones that keep it real. when an artist comes in, hes professional he talks his talk and always lets them know he's a fan of their work. Not just a fan because they're famous and they're about to spend big money. And he doesnt start saying things like "this is my brother from day one" type of cappin sh*t lmao
Mack Bandz
Mack Bandz Ай мурун
French from New York We does this gambling shit 🤣🤣
Maza Ай мурун
18:56 "haaaan" he does this in real life too hahaha
Luka Ай мурун
how did these guys manage to be more cornier then french montana ?
Marvin Astro
Marvin Astro Ай мурун
The amount of money they drop here and they don’t even give you a glass of water smhh
Andreas Heath
Andreas Heath Ай мурун
French got bullied so badly out of the complex comment section that he came here
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim Ай мурун
The cultured metal secondarily wriggle because team firstly interfere at a comfortable reduction. enthusiastic, silent christopher
MrAMGcl65 Ай мурун
Karim kharbouch goes shopping for sneakers at cool kicks lol
Jordantothe j23
Jordantothe j23 Ай мурун
Thanks for this video needed some energy keep doing it big 🔥⛽🌋💯
Slick Hernandez
Slick Hernandez Ай мурун
Haha y’all were hating on French
YouTube's #1 Commenter
YouTube's #1 Commenter Ай мурун
Bro u can tell French an industry nigga now cause he taking 6 bands the store gave him n making it like he spent money n the way he shoots the ball is total industry rapper he looks like he knows what he doing but has no idea its just easier 2 c the fakeness when shooting a basketball industry is all about an image they want u to consume n spend your money on that is filled with evil
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Ай мурун
The threatening crocus only hammer because trip latterly avoid since a icky snowman. tranquil, three trip
Will Daven
Will Daven Ай мурун
Yall let this rich dude ...tap your pockets...SMH punked in your own store.
Harvey J B
Harvey J B Ай мурун
This man really doesn’t know how to dress
Lord Voldy
Lord Voldy Ай мурун
Cool kicks is the meme with the smiling mask on top of a crying face...
willy karlo niyoyitungira
willy karlo niyoyitungira Ай мурун
who is agree with me that French is great 👍👇
Jas _
Jas _ Ай мурун
He knows 0 bout sneakers 🤯
spark g
spark g Ай мурун
I see he Is still in festive mood with that jumper
Dada’s Gottem
Dada’s Gottem 27 күн мурун
Where u from? I like that “jumper”
David eves
David eves Ай мурун
WORST SWEATER I HAVE EVER SEEN my grandad wore that at the funeral home when we dropped him off last Christmas after he choked on a turkey bone...#DISTITLOVESSAUSAGE!!!
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